Your therapist will design your facial to suit your skin type. Please ask for advice on how to best care for your skin. All facials are based on cleansing, steaming, extractions, face, shoulder, hand and foot massage, mask and moisturizer.

By purchasing a series of 10 facial courses you will receive your tenth facial free.

Mini Facial

45 Minutes

This treatment is ideal for any skin type including men and teenagers. A good basic cleansing facial. Includes an eyebrow and lip wax.

Deluxe Facial

60 Minutes

Our classic signature facial is suitable for men woman and young adults. The treatment will be tailored to your skin type. It includes eyebrow and lip wax, deep cleansing, steaming, extractions, face and shoulder massage, mask, hand and foot massage, moisturizer.

Non Botox Facial

60 Minutes

Resurface and peel for all skin types – acne, scarring, pigmentation, age spots to reduce wrinkle depth and increasing cell renewal, vitality and radiance.

Add on to any facial

Watermelon Pore Minimizing Facial

60 Minutes

All skin/enlarge pores, this helps contract the pores, even the skin tone of pigmentation whilst firming the skin and reducing inflammation. A great all round facial for every skin concern.

24 Carat Gold Rejuvenation Facial

60 Minutes

Intense anti- wrinkle protector with amazing skin-firming effects. Nourishing to totally revive youthful vibrancy, elasticity and suppleness.

Eucalyptus Collagen Facial

60 Minutes

Acne prone/irritated skin. An antibacterial facial that helps prevent acne, blackhead formation. Supper hydrating, soothes inflammation, diminishes recovering scar tissue and balances oil production.

Diamond Anti Fatigue Stress Facial

90 Minutes

All skin. Lifts, firms and brightens. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and reduces the signs of fatigue and stress.

4-in-1 Full Face Collagen Crystal Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

All hyper-pigmentation skins. Whitens, moisturizes, minimizes pores, improve elasticity

Charcoal Collagen Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

All/Acne prone/Irritated/Oily Skin

Bamboo charcoal has a deep cleaning effect. Absorbs impurities and excess oil, balancing PH and minimizing pores but increases hydration with the marine collagen to preserve a healthy skin.

Chocolate Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes


Rich chocolate moisturizes and improves elasticity and firmness.

Rosacea Facial

60 Minutes

This specially formulated facial will assist in soothing and calming skin prone to redness and rosacea. Also good for eczema and very hyper-sensitive skin.

Acne Decongestive Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

This is a very effective treatment for irritated, spot prone skin. A consultation is recommended. Prices and length of time for this treatment will vary depending on the individual?s skin condition. Discuss with your therapist at the start of your facial, or at the time of booking.

Algae Purifying Facial

60 Minutes

Made from algae powder, this all natural ?peel off? facial has exceptional decongestive purifying and soothing qualities, incorporated into a full facial.

Aqua Visage

60 Minutes

A serum mask is the finest and most pure and deep penetrating of all other creams and oils that absorb easily into the skin. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Cryogenic Facial

60 Minutes

A lactic, cooling and firming mask that uses abstracts of detoxifying seaweed minerals that is blended into a full facial. To stimulate sluggish dull skin, this revitalizes the skin?s metabolism to regain its glow. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Gentleman's Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

Using the VIRTRU line

Dead Sea Facial

60 Minutes

With the properties of tea tree and lemon essential oils, this cooling green algae and seaweed "peel away" mask will remove impurities, heal blemishes and brighten dull skin. Wonderful anti-aging treatment from the depths of the natural ocean to you. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Wet Jasmine & Collagen Facial

60 Minutes

This mask is specially formulated for sensitive, dehydrated and fatigued skin conditions. Sooths and calms swelling, dryness, irritation and redness. Returns the skin to its normal moisture level and helps replenish the healthy collagen tissues of the skin to prevent premature aging. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Enzyme Whitening Collagen Mask

60 Minutes

This treatment is recommended for hyper-pigmentation and environmentally damaged skin conditions, i.e., sunspots, age spots, and freckles. Revitalizes, nourishes, and restores moisture. Tones and balances the skin, leaving it refreshed and radiant. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Exfoliating Papaya Facial

60 Minutes

A facial mask containing papaya, a natural fruit enzyme that is perfect for assisting in the elimination of dead skin cells. A wonderful facial for rejuvenating and regenerating the skin.

Deluxe Facial with Back Massage

75 Minutes

This is one of our most sought after treatments! It will be tailored to your skin type and includes eyebrow and lip wax, deep cleansing, steaming, extractions, face and shoulder massage, mask, hand and foot massage, moisturizer, and a 15 minute back massage.

Bio-Collagen Mask

90 Minutes

A collagen mask used for anti-aging, firming and moisturizing, results are excellent! This mask consists of 85% freeze-dried collagen. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Olive Oil and Leaf Facial

90 Minutes

Excellent for age control! This treatment?s olive oil and antioxidant properties will improve the skin?s elasticity and olea europea leaves stimulate tired and aging skin. This is incorporated into a full facial.

The Caviar Collagen Facial

90 Minutes

The Caviar facial is suitable for all skin types including aging skin. The mask provides vitamins from roe extract and marine DNA. Collaged and quince extract will leave the face subtle. Quince is a tree, about the size of an apple tree, which grows wild in Persia and produces a soothing and toning effect when applied to the skin.

Firm and Lift Derma Facial

90 Minutes

A highly effective mask that is suitable for all skin types. Containing 100% all natural ingredients, the mask utilizes nano technology and has excellent absorbing capacity providing immediate results.

Renu Creme de la Creme Facial

90 Minutes

Using one of Gillian's finest products in the European Monu line, Renu is excellent for mature skin to gently cleanse, firm, and moisturize to prevent aging of the skin.

Only one of its kind for the 38+ client!

Aromatherapy Facial

90 Minutes

Your therapist will add pure essential aromatherapy oils to our classic facial to soften and moisturize the skin while providing a natural way to relax and enhance the senses with a "never-ending" effleurage of massage to the face, scalp, shoulders, hands and feet with the essence of aromatherapy in the air for total heaven on earth!

High Frequency

15 Minutes

This treatment will oxygenate the skin and aid in spot reduction. High frequency can be used as a quick fix to any skin breakouts and assists with recovery. It can also be added to your facial.

Decongestive Back Treatment

30 to 60 Minutes

This treatment is adapted to back concerns such as acne, dead skin buildup, blackheads, excess oiliness or dryness.

33% Glycolic Acid Peel

60 Minutes

This is a safe intensive treatment that will rapidly exfoliate the epidermal cells thereby reducing scars and fine lines to clarify the skin and improve pigmentation. A resurfacing, stimulating peel. Not suitable for hypersensitive skin types. This is incorporated into a full facial.

Skin Lightening Peel- Lactic Acid

60 Minutes

This peel is designed to reduce hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage, hormones, or acne. For maximum effectiveness, a series of 6 courses is recommended.

Beta Peel Mask

60 Minutes

A salicylic peel that penetrates inside pores assisting the exfoliation process. Results in the reduction of the signs of aging without over-drying the skin leaving a smooth look and feel.

Zyme Peel

60 Minutes

An excellent treatment for dull and lifeless skin. A dynamic biological enzyme that digests surface debris and prepares the skin for extractions.

Iontosonic Facial

The Iontosonic is an extremely versatile, multifunctional skincare system for the face and upper chest and neck. It is the ultimate skin resurfacing tool and can be used to all skin types. It is as effective as microdermabrasion without the associated use of crystals. Additionally, the Iontosonic is not abrasive and does not harm live skin cells. This state of the art machine designed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons uses 23,300 pulses of ultrasound per second to deep cleanse, exfoliate, massage, life and infuse vitamin C deep into the skin.

It gets rid of waste materials that accumulate on the skin while promoting metabolism by increasing blood circulation .The client will see a dramatic improvement after only four treatments, a series of six treatments once or twice per week is recommended. There is no limit to the number of treatments that the client can receive. Iontosonic is fantastic as a monthly facial routine, or as a pick-me-up treatment at any time.

Benefits of the Iontosonic Facial

Ultrasonic deep cleansing sonophoresis to deep cleanse the skin. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted through the skin pores to the deepest area of the skin to remove residual make-up, and deep seated waste materials.

Ultrasonic scaling of the dead cells. Working on a high frequency of ultrasound, the scaling mode exfoliates the face, removing dead skin buildup and sebum while disinfecting and massaging the skin. With repeated treatments, superficial irregularities will be removed causing the skin to look younger and healthier.

Vitamin C ionophoresis and sonophoresis helps to rid the skin of unsightly pigmentation more efficiently and deeper into the dermis layer.

Galvanic lifting increases the blood and lymphatic flow by sending pulsed ultrasonic wavelengths combined with positive and negative electrical charges to the skin. This creates a deeper level of stimulation giving a maximum massage effect and resulting in healthier, younger skin that is smooth and elastin.

-Reduces pigmentation

-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-Reduces dead skin build up

-Reduces acne

-Reduces blackheads, amiliers, in-grown hairs, foreign matter

-deep hydration

-Regeneration of collagen and elastin

-Fantastic for mature or menopausal women

-Stimulation of the epidermal cells turnover

-Increased muscle tone


-Pregnant women

-Persons with pacemakers or electrical implants

-Heart conditions


-Open wounds or lesions

-Patches of eczema or other diseased areas of the skin

-Persons with metal implants on their face

-Persons with metal braces may experience a metallic taste in
their mouth during treatment

Derma Roller Facial

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

The new amazing treatment everyone is talking about – it’s a must! The Derma rolling facial is the leading facial recommended by therapists.

The derma roller instrument has hundreds of fine titanium probes that roll over the skin, creating controlled, open, mirco-pores to allow fast and easy delivery of serums into the deeper layers of the skin. Other facials tend to only benefit the upper top layers of the skin, which result in shorter-term results. Until now, lasting results were not possible without the use of laser therapies or injectables.

Facial includes facial waxing, mask and moisturizer