Aromatherapy Massage

90 Minutes

A special blend of aromatherapy oils are used to detoxify and relax the body and mind while strengthening the immune system.

Indian Head Massage

45 Minutes

Immensely popular for sinus congestion and headaches. It promotes total relaxation and a means of de-stressing by using warm oil on the upper shoulders, face and scalp. Gillian’s performs this treatment using the relaxing ‘lay-down’ method.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

A luxurious massage that combines deep heat therapy using smooth polished lava stones that are heated to your comfort zone to allow an overall wellness of bind and mind…just melt away…


60 Minutes

Gentle hands on healing and vibrations are used over the entire body working with the energy fields of the mind and body. No oils are used but performed over clothing or cocooned under a cozy quilt to totally rebalance the soul and mind.

Body and Face Detoxifying Mud Treatment

120 Minutes

A dry exfoliating loofah is gently applied to the face and body, followed by a warm rich mud that is applied to the face and body. A head and foot massage is performed while you are cocooned in warm blankets. The mud is removed from the body with warmed French mitts and the rich face mud is removed with sea sponges then warm soothing aroma oil is massaged from top to toe over your whole face and body until you melt away. Finishing with a light lavender Shea butter spray, misted over the body. Disposable undergarments will be supplied.

Body Polish and Exfoliate

60 Minutes

A creamy granular scrub is applied all over the body to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, then removed with warm moist French mitts. Hydrating oil is massaged to nourish and hydrate the skin. Disposable undergarments will be supplied.

Cellulite Success Treatment

60 Minutes

This treatment enhances the skin tone and treats cellulite at the source, smoothing out spongy orange peel look and offers maximum results with continued use. The treatment improves the appearance of stretch marks and normalizes and balances the skin’s conditions. It is immediately hydrating and promotes youthful looking body beauty.

For deep embedded cellulite a course of 12 is recommended.

A series of 6 to 8 treatments every 7 to 10 days with follow-up home care. For difficult cellulite, Gillian’s recommends one session every 7 to 10 days for a total of 12 treatments.


Due to the Seaweed gel, this treatment is not suitable for clients who are allergic to iodine or seafood.

ION Cleansing Treatment

30 Minutes

In today’s busy world, the body is constantly taking on toxins through pollutants and diet. This treatment emits ions through the foot bath into the body, withdrawing toxins from different areas of the body. Your therapist will explain the results to you and share how you may adjust your lifestyle.


55 Minutes

Reflexology is a safe and effective therapy which is capable of activating the natural healing of the body through pressure being applied to the specific areas of the feet. The treatment improves circulation and cleanses the body of toxins. A fantastic experience for people of all ages resulting in total relaxation. A series of treatments are recommended which will significantly improve a condition. A consultation will be given on your first treatment.

Deluxe Reflexology

75 Minutes

Soak away your troubles in a luxurious aroma oil foot bath. The lower leg and foot is exfoliated to a hydrated finish to prepare you for reflexology, the ancient art of healing using the pressure points of the feet. A hand neck and shoulder massage is included.

Ear Candling

75 Minutes

“A Home Remedy Worth Hearing About”

Where did it come from?

It is a technique that has been around for centuries. It dates as far back as biblical times when hollow reeds from swamp areas were used. It has been passed down from many generations by the Egyptians, the Oriental and European cultures. Unfortunately, it is almost unknown today. The process had been basically lost to common knowledge for many years but has come into practice again and is being used by a wide cross-section of people.

What is it?

It is an alternative aide for Ear Health. It is a simple but effective Home Remedy. It involves the use of a hollow candle which resembles a straw coated with special wax. The small end of the candle is placed on the edge of a persons’ ear and the large end is lit with a match. It is a non-medical procedure for ears.

Why use it?

It is merely used as a Home Remedy for your better health! It is not intended to be used for medical purposes or in place of proper medical attention.

Does it hurt?

There is absolutely no discomfort to the person receiving this technique. Most people enjoy the process and find it to be relaxing; some to the point of drifting off to sleep.

Bamboo Fusion Warm Massage

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

SA treatment which utilizes hand crafted warmed and oiled bamboo sticks of different sizes. This treatment involves long, soothing rhythmic strokes and deep pressure application. The combination provides very deep relaxation while soothing muscle tension and pain.

Benefits include: Extreme relaxation for the body and mind. Reduces tension, anxiety and stress. Makes skin more supple, relieves tightenss in muscles and tendons and increases circulation.

Mother To Be (Prenatal & Postnatal Massage)

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Hot Poultice Therapy Massage

Hot cotton muslin bags are filled with a blend of roman chamomile, lavender and marigold flowers to provide a deep penetrating massage to release and relax sore muscles and bones. The Hot Poultice is blended into a full massage of your choice.

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Relaxing Or Deep Tissue Massage

A good old fashioned warm oil massage to totally suit your needs. You decide…relaxing or deep tissue, couch or floor.

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Back Massage

Back and shoulder problems? This treatment can help also fabulous for deep relaxing. Deep tissue or gentle relaxation massage on either couch or floor.

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

All About The Body

We offer a range of massages that will help you to reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Pre-paid courses of 10 are available with your tenth massage free.

Classic Massage

You can have your therapist provide you with a relaxing massage and/or deep tissue techniques can be used to restore your sense of well-being.

Available in 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute sessions.